Why a blog about medicine? Doesn’t every medical person have a blog about life as a practitioner? Maybe. But does anyone have a web blog dedicated specifically to the funny stuff. Doubt it.

The training and practice of medicine can be grueling and often times depressing. Seeing patients becoming ill, and maybe even dying wears on you. How do people deal with it? There are those that ignore their feelings, those that vent, and those that develop a sick and twisted sense of humor as a coping mechanism. I belong to the latter group. In a previous life I was a paramedic in a busy EMS system for 11 years and saw my fair share of terrible things. My way of coping is with humor. Has been and always will be. I think it’s healthy.

Given that, I decided that a blog needed to be dedicated to the funny side of medicine. All too often people blog and write about the depressing and sad feelings that medicine brings up. Not to say that it is bad, but it would be nice to get a different perspective on the field. Will I always write happy, fluffy, funny stories? Heck no. There are going to be times, myself and my comrades need to vent and write depressing tear jerking stuff, but for the most part, the blog will be funny and lighthearted. Hopefully all of this will be done with tact and professionalism and keeping the patients and co-workers we love and admire safe and anonymous.